We use the power of conversation to engage our clients in co-creating meaning and harmony to their personal and work life.

Through a structured sequence of generative and creative conversations, we work with you in revealing breakthrough possibilities for effective action behaviors that will help you meet challenges you face in work and life.


Step 1 — Conversation of Curiosity [free consultation].

During your free conversation we explore and clarify the issues on your mind, explain how our assessment tools and coaching process might help you meet your most pressing challenges, and determine  if we are a”fit” for further work together.


Step 2 — Conversation for Assessments.

The initial conversation of curiosity sets the foundation for a formal assessment of your current situation and capabilities. During this step we use appropriate personal/professional/leadership development assessment tools, including 360. The end product of this step is an assessment.


Step 3 — Conversation for Grounding. 

During this stage we take the resulting assessment from the previous step and proceed with debriefing and co-interpreting with you for grounding or validation.
At the conclusion of this step you can choose whether to pursue an ongoing coaching relationship.


Step 4 — Conversation for Possibilities.

Debriefing of assessment during previous step sets a stage where conversation for possibilities of achieving your desired effective results becomes a reality. This step concludes in co-creating a developmental plan and agreement for your desired action behaviors.


Step 5 — Conversation of Self-Awareness and Development.

During this final step, your developmental plan is implemented and it results in your enhanced self awareness. This final step sets the stage for your life-long journey of embodying the changes you desire as you meet the challenges at work and in personal your life.

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