Individual programs are designed in targeting key areas of concentration that enables you in emerging, growing and achieving your personal, professional and leadership goals.

Introduction to Sapient Leadership:
This module covers the larger question of the cosmology; Homo-Sapiens journey from hunter gatherer to our present day-to-day experience, and our inner wisdom and strength in overcoming the complexities, uncertainties and volatility along the way. Discussion of nature versus nurture in our development and evolution sets the stage for acknowledging the power of human experience in shaping our conversations of what is possible and not possible. We work with you in showing the power of conversation in replacing the limiting possibilities with unlimited possibilities for you as a leader.

Over time the experiences and related conversations have collectively left a matrix of images of knowledge within human consciousness in the form of collective wisdom. The matrix of Sapient Leadership skills are rooted in the collective human wisdom. Thoughts expressed in conversation make us human and sets us apart from rest of the animal kingdom. We share with you the generative and creative power of conversation in shifting us from self limiting possibilities to limitless possibilities at work and in personal life. Possibilities where limiting beliefs and behaviors disappear and allow actions which result in achieving the desired outcomes as a professional and leader.  The issues relating to neurosciences, cognitive psychology including body, mind and language are discussed within the framework of collective human wisdom — Sapient Leadership — resulting from embodiment of human knowledge and experiences since the beginning of time. We discuss the power of mindfulness and self awareness in accessing the matrix of effective Sapient Leadership skills in producing great personal and business results as a steward of our planet.

Sapient Leadership does not rely on a single or a small group of leadership skills rather it evokes our collective human wisdom which resides within all of us in addressing our needs, concerns and well being. Sapient Leadership skills being a result of collective human experience are well suited for our integrated world. It acknowledges the importance of our cultural and social drift, and the role it plays in giving meaning to our personal and work experiences. We ponder about human migration and its impact on the effectiveness of our interaction in this globally connected society. If you are curious and ready to have conversation about personal and professional leadership within the context of “Being and Becoming” in this fast paced world then this module is for you! Remember every conversation is a spoken or unspoken thought, and it has the power to open or close doors of possibility for us and others. Which door of possibility are you interested in opening. Welcome to Sapient Leadership in creating a welcoming future for everyone on our beautiful Blue Planet Earth!


Conversations for Actions and Results:
We live in conversation, it makes us human and gives us ability in engaging with others in our businesses, organizations and at  work. It plays a critical role in our communication with everyone around us but most of the time that fact is transparent to us. Have you ever requested something from your spouse, child, or your staff at work only to request it again and again and their response doesn’t meet your conditions of satisfaction! We share with you the structure of conversation to clearly transmit our needs and desires to each other for generating coordinated actions for the sake of mutually desired results. Conversation for actions is designed for expanding your ability as a professional or leader in dealing with the ever changing complexities, uncertainties and volatility at work or in our lives. Desired outcome of this module is providing helpful tools and practices for professionals and leaders in preparing them to effectively coordinate actions at work in accomplishing tasks and maintaining an engaged and vibrant work culture.


Deep Listening:
When was the last time you heard from your spouse, child, friend and work associate that “You do not listen!” If your response was that you were listening. May be you heard them instead of listening to them. Deep listening requires the vulnerability of not knowing, listening to one’s self and self awareness. If you are curious and interested in improving your listening at work and in your personal life then this module is for you. It covers self awareness of separation between personal interest from those of others; active listening happens when one repeats what was heard for clarification; the moods and emotion, body disposition and mindfulness among other topics for enhancing the skills for deep listening.


This is a perfect module to take after Introduction to Sapient Leadership for appreciating the workings of inner and outer self. Mindfulness practice brings one’s attention to the role heart and mind plays in further developing the skills related to concentration, contemplation, healthfulness, deep inquiry and self awareness. This module brings out the intentionality and awareness of your inner self and its relationship with your outer self. Mindfulness brings out greater self awareness along with the powerful and sustained focus in relating with team members and stakeholders. Meditation practice is fundamental to the practice of mindfulness. We work with you in different styles of meditation in helping you develop mindfulness.


Moods and Emotions:
As someone said “We do not have moods and emotions, they have us”. Goal of this module is to increase the awareness about the origin and propagation of our moods and emotions in our day to day personal and work life. We cover the topics related to neurosciences including cognitive psychology to understand the impact of nature and nurture on our emotions and moods. Our goal is to connect the importance of understanding our moods and emotions in dealing with our family and friends as well as at work with our clients and work associates in leading an effective life.


Body Disposition and Language:
This module gets in the domain of our bodies and how we feel in our bodies as we engage with our inner world as well as our world comprising of family, friends and work associates and clients. Have you encounter a situation when your angry and frustrated boss shows up to give an assignment you have been looking forward to tackling! How does you mood shift, and with that what possibilities do you see in the assignment. If these are some of the questions swirling in your mind than this module is tailored for you to increase your effectiveness at work place, and may be dealing with your spouse or children.


Barriers to Learning:
Do you find yourself stuck?  It may because of the barriers to learning you have erected around you. Learning about flying versus learning to fly require two different approaches.  In order to become a pilot one has to actually fly a plane while a designer may or may not learn to fly a plane.  In this module we cover what is learning, and why it is important for your development! We cover the concept of knowing, doing and embodiment. Effective professionals and leaders value the need for connecting learning with action.  The impact of not admitting “I do not know”, “I do not know that I do not know”, “Addiction to have all the answers”, among other behaviors in learning is discussed in this module. We delve into the friends of learning like deep listening, openness and willingness to question your question. This module sets a stage for bringing innovation and transformation at work.

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